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    • 07 JAN 18
    New Technology

    New Technology

    In May 2017 we introduced new technology to screen patients for possible sleep breathing disorders. The Eccovision Acoustic Diagnostic Pharyngometer and Rhinometer is a non-invasive testing method to check the size and stability of the airway. It is also a great tool for titrating (adjusting) oral appliances for existing patients in treatment for sleep apnea.

    The equipment uses acoustic reflection technology (similar to sonar), to graph the size, structure and collapsibility of the nasal and oral passages. It identifies obstructions in the nose and shows how the airway responds to changes in the vertical and/or horizontal positioning of the lower jaw. Narrow airway readings tend to suggest the possibility of a sleep breathing disorder. The easy to read graphs allow for a conversation about a patient’s quality and quantity of sleep along with treatment options.