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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We were referred to Dr. Briggs by our ENT, Dr. Dyer, for my husband’s sleep apnea. Our first point of contact at AZ Sleep & Snoring Center was with Deb, the office administrator. Deb was, by far, the most helpful, professional, efficient, responsive, knowledgeable and friendly individual I have ever dealt with in any medical/dental office.

Upon meeting Dr. Briggs, we were immediately impressed with his kind and caring “chairside” manner. Dr. Briggs took his time with us, explained everything to us, in detail, and answered all of our questions. His extensive experience and expertise in this field was apparent. My husband was fitted for a mandibular advancement device –oral appliance. The device was ready approximately a week later.
The first night he wore it, he fell asleep while I was still finishing up some things around the house. When I got into bed, I could not believe it; he was actually sleeping in silence! There are times when I do still hear him snore, but it is minimal. I would say the device has reduced his snoring by 90 percent.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this office. If you or your loved one has a problem with sleep apnea/snoring, do not go to anyone else! You will not be disappointed.

-Wendy W.


The folks at AZ Sleep Center are “Best in Class” providing me ideas and support to reduce my ever so annoyingly loud and constant snoring. Before working with AZ Sleep Center I tried the CPAP machine. This was a disaster, results were less sleep vs snoring all night, and gasping for air when the appliance slipped off. It wasn’t a good solution for me. AZ Sleep Center provided me info on the Herbst Oral Appliance. The thought of wearing a mouth piece all night didn’t sound appealing but I thought it was worth a try as it might get me back in good graces with my wife. She’s been putting up with my snoring for who knows how long.

Dr. Briggs and his staff created a customized oral appliance that fits and works better than I expected. The results are outstanding! I still snore however I only snore 30% of the time vs over 85% of the time and the volume and intensity are significantly less with a reduction of close to 70% in volume. No more freight train now the snoring is more like a small fishing boat motor. What I didn’t expect is I feel more rested when I wake up and the mouth piece doesn’t wake me up. If the CPAP machine doesn’t work for you this is a solution you may want to consider.

The team at AZ Sleep Center are great to work with and I’d recommend you reach out to them if you’re looking for snoring solutions.

John Taylor


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