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    • 04 FEB 18
    Foods that can help you sleep

    Foods that can help you sleep

    As reported in a November 16, 2015 AARP article written by Nissa Simon

    Alon Avidan, Director of UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine Sleep Disorders Center recommends keeping evening snacks light and eating no later than a half-hour before going to bed.

    The following foods can have a positive impact on your health and may help you experience a more restful sleep.

    • Lentils- rich in magnesium and potassium; good source of protein
    • Almonds or Almond Butter – contain magnesium which helps muscles relax
    • Bananas – magnesium, potassium and tryptophan
    • Whole-grain, Low sugar Cereal and Milk – tryptophan in milk helps the brain produce serotonin and melatonin; carbohydrates in cereal assists tryptophan to more readily reach the brain.
    • Cherries or Tart Cherry Juice – source of melatonin
    • Cheese and Crackers – protein, tryptophan and some carbohydrates
    • Decaffeinated Green Tea – contains theanine (an amino acid) to promote relaxation and reduce stress
    • Hummus – rich in tryptophan, folate and vitamin B-6.
    • Lemon Balm Tea – natural oils with terpenes to promote relaxation and better sleep
    • Peanut Butter – tryptophan
    • Pineapple – boosts natural levels of melatonin
    • Pumpkin Seeds – magnesium, copper, protein, zinc, tryptophan
    • Walnuts – natural source of melatonin; helps the body’s response to stress
    • Plain Air-popped Popcorn – sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese for the tryptophan and carbs to help absorb the tryptophan